Stackright Launch JCoP 10.1 – Temporary Building Guidance Document

Stackright are pleased to announce the launch of our Joint Code of Practice (JCoP) edition 10.1 technical guidance document. This document has been created to assist our clients navigate the routes to compliance for the key clauses relating to the use of temporary buildings on construction sites, ensuring that they mitigate the risk of fires on site and meet the requirements of the project insurer. Stackright has successfully undertaken an extensive fire test programme with independent test houses to ensure we can offer our clients unit build specifications that meet all relevant cabin clauses within JCoP 10.1 – i.e., fully fire rated units deployed within the fire break zone (clause 13.3) and vertically stacked unit compound setups positioned more than 6m from the building under construction (clause 13.6). This testing is applicable to a wide range of cabin types and sizes.

Stackright Managing Director, Antonio Pontiero, said: “As a market leading manufacturer of anti-vandal cabins and modular buildings it was critical that we could offer our clients with the necessary level of certification to ensure the cabins we supply them with meet all relevant clauses of the Joint Code of Practice and HSG168. When the latest edition of the Joint Code of Practice launched our Technical Team were very quick to react and we actively engaged with our clients to ensure they understood the ramifications of the amendments. 

As a business we invested heavily in testing to ensure we could offer our clients with build specification options that would meet the updated fire rated unit requirements of clause 13.3, ensuring fire rated cabins supplied by Stackright will remain compliant beyond the 2025 updated testing cutoff. We have also successfully passed the 30-minute REI testing required for our roof/floor configurations and our supporting members to ensure full compliance with the newly added clause 13.6, relating to the use of vertically stacked cabins on site.  It gives me great pride that this investment in our successful fire testing programme not only keeps Stackright at the forefront of the anti-vandal accommodation market through innovation and product development, but also enables us to supply our clients with unit specifications that meet the requirements of project insurers in full and most importantly keep their staff and site personnel safe”.

Antonio goes on to say: “Stackright felt it was necessary to create a guidance document to assist our clients to fully understand the clauses relating to the cabin market within the Joint Code of Practice to ensure their exposure to risk was minimised. It clearly lays out the important clauses and details how Stackright can offer a clear path to full compliance”.

For more information on the Joint Code of Practice, the routes to compliance or to review the Stackright JCoP 10.1 guide then please click on the link below.