Rise in Fuel Theft Leads to Enhanced Demand for Secure Diesel

The rise in fuel theft leads to enhanced demand for Secure Diesel and Chemical Storage Units.

The recent legislation changes banning the use of red diesel on construction and infrastructure sites is causing concerns over a spike in fuel theft. The switch to white diesel has already resulted in construction sites being actively targeted by fuel thieves, and now market experts and the police are advising commercial businesses to take security precautions to deter thieves targeting fuel stocks. Couple this to the spiraling cost of fuel and it makes it more important than ever to ensure diesel is stored both discretely and safely.

To combat fuel theft, construction and infrastructure sites must ensure they have adequate security precautions in place. How diesel is stored is usually the last and most important line of defense. Stackright has created the Secure Bunded Storage Unit to address this issue and this product is proving extremely popular with both existing and new clients. The bunded floor means the unit meets safety standards as well as providing a secure and discreet anti-theft diesel storage solution.

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