In line with stringent government guidelines to ensure the UK’s push to reach net zero is achieved, the construction industry is undergoing a significant transformation with a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental awareness. Although many developers are committed to achieving net zero by as early as 2030, site compound and welfare units are often overlooked when assessing how to improve environmental impact. Offering essential facilities on site such as restrooms, kitchens, sleeping accommodations, and once for workers it is more
important than ever to make sure the welfare you use is sustainable and safe. When the increased cost of energy in recent years is considered, it makes it more important than ever to ensure site accommodation and  welfare units are well insulated and efficient to run.

At Stackright, we work with our clients to develop specifications that suit their eco requirements without jeopardising quality or functionality. Continuous testing allows us to offer market leading products allowing our customers to drive their efforts to create a more sustainable working environment and lower operating costs. Our ISO 14001 certification and environmental management system underpins our sustainability goals and our immediate reassurance to both our customers and employees that we have taken steps to minimise our organisation’s impact on the environment. We have also successfully achieved Supply Chain Sustainability School (SCSS) Gold Member Status which greatly supports the work we have already taken in the development of our ESG Policy, whilst satisfying this outline requirement made by some of our clients.

Eco Cabin


  • Assists towards achieving sustainability and environmental targets
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduced running costs
  • Can be configured to suit requirements
  •  Available in a range of sizes
Double-glazed to reduce heat loss and enhance value performance

Water supply dual-flush toilet
cisterns and push-button taps

Thermostats to ensure heating is only used when required

Water harvesting and waterless urinals


Enhanced insulation to improve
U-value performance


Capability to enhance under floor thermal insulation

Energy efficient remote monitoring and control capability
ISO 14001 Accredited Supports you BREEAM targets

JCoP 10.1