Rebranding Announcement 

Modular Building & Portable Cabins Logo

With a new senior management team now firmly in place, we have been working hard behind the scenes on redefining the values, vision and mission of our company. Our ethos is to ensure that we give our customers a product and service offering that sets the benchmark in our industry and provides our business with the platform to retain our position at the forefront of the portable accommodation sector. Our rebrand has been designed to both reflect and support these positive changes and underpins the beginning of a new era, identity and culture for Stackright.

It was our outline goal to reflect our ideals and principles in the creation of our new visual identity whilst ensuring the design presented our brand in a meaningful yet contemporary way. 

Stackright Managing Director, Antonio Pontiero stated,

“After careful consideration, we selected a new logo that would be a visual representation of our vibrant standards in innovation and captures our mission to set the industry standard for build and service quality, whilst maintaining our uncompromising principles towards sustainability and professionalism.”

As part of our overall branding strategy, we have launched a new website and you may also begin to see subtle changes to the style and messaging within our communications, social media presence, technical and marketing literature that is designed to support the ethos and principles behind our rebrand. 

Please be assured that behind the new branding we are still the same company, with no change to our structure or ownership, so our existing clients will receive the same, if not an improved, level of service and support from our team.

For more information on our rebrand, the changes within our organisation and what they mean for you and your business, please contact us, or follow us on LinkedIn