Brand New COSHH Storage

New COSHH Storage Facilty designed, manufactured, and used by Stackright

Stackright’s huge range of paint finishes has expanded significantly over recent years and as a result we have finally outgrown our paint storage unit that has served us for the last ten years.

With ever increasing demand for more choice and variety required to cater for our client’s livery needs, we decided to design and build our own custom-made paint storage facility.

The new facility, which comes into service at the end of Q2 boasts a fully climate controlled, secure, and COSHH compliant storage space, with more than enough room for our expanding range of finishes. It is expected to serve our COSHH storage needs for many more years to come.

Kudos must go to the production team, who have kept the project moving along by fitting it in among their relentless schedule.

Here you can enjoy a gallery of the various stages of construction from concept to completion.