As a demonstration of Stackright’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we have developed a relationship with the worlds leading manufacturer of vinyl flooring to recycle our waste vinyl.

Another step towards ISO 14001 certification.


  Put simply the scheme involves collecting off-cuts of flooring from production, returning the waste to the Polyflor plant in Whitefield Manchester where it’s granulated into raw materials to be quickly transformed into brand new rolls of flooring, and having seen this process in action for myself, I can safely say it’s an extremely efficient and environmentally sound practice.


These operations are mainly UK based due to the ease of transport to the Manchester site, however the scheme operates on a global basis also, as the following example from their website demonstrates…


“The majority of our collections currently come from within the UK where transport to our factory is straightforward, using the same delivery vehicles as they return to site. In international markets there is a varying progress in recycling, especially where distances are large and logistics of any recycling operation more complex. National legislation and local attitudes also play a major part in the implementation of recycling”.

Our accreditations

Certificate Number 8483 ISO 9001, ISO 14001